10 Most Famous Villas to Celebrate the Wedding in Italy

June 1, 2019

1. Villa Santini

Whether you are looking for an outdoor space to get married or a closed space where only very close ones are permitted, The Santini villa is a great venue. It has a very big and secured courtyard that can be used for the after party. You really do not need to bother about catering as they have a Chef on site that you can hire to get take care of anything related catering. For other wedding vendors like a professional photographer, someone to do floral arrangements and even tours, you can count on the management of the villa to help out (can accommodate up to 25 people with affordable prices that start at just thirty pounds per night per person).

2. The Rombi Villa

This is a beautiful property that is well suited for very intimate events. The villa has enough space to accommodate up to 150 wedding invitees. If you are happy to pay something extra, the management will gladly organize added services like music, catering, floral arrangements, event decoration or even complete package that includes a wedding planner! (costs just 53 pounds/person/night, you can have up to 19 of your guest sleep over).

3. The Castle Mago Estate

If you are looking for a wedding location with beautiful scenery, go no further than the castle mago estate. It is only possible to have this castle available for just a week during the high season. Meanwhile you could manage to get booked for a short break at other periods. For an additional cost, the management can organize catering has sleeping space for 20 people and the cost per person per night is 118 pounds)

4. Villa Borgo

If you are looking for a simple but fashionable countryside venue, then Villa Borgo is the place to be. It has enough bedrooms to accommodate up to 24 guests. All bedrooms are well decorated and come complete with bathroom en suite. The cost for a night stay per person is 121 pound.

5. Villa Torre

You can celebrate your wedding or other happy event at this villa but you must book the villa for a week. Unfortunately, Saturdays are not included so you will not be able to have your wedding hold on a Saturday (can accommodate up to 16 persons for overnight sleep. The cost of a night’s stay for one person starts from 57 pounds).

6. Villa Casella

This is a beautiful property that has enough space around its grounds to host as many as 150 people. For an extra cost, couples can have their event catered for and other event services like decoration, music and floral arrangements can be provided.

7. Villa Sole

If you are looking for a venue in Tuscany to celebrate your wedding, Villa sole is the perfect place. This villa has enough space both in the yard and within the villa. This means that you can either choose to have your event inside the villa or outside. All you need is to tell the management what you need and it will be delivered as per your specifications. Best of all you can be sure to always be on Budget.

8. Villa Monte

For those planning to have a small gathering for your wedding ceremony and other events, Villa Monte provides a spectacular venue. Its well polished dining area can comfortably seat at least 32 people. There is a patio from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the grape field outside.

9. Villa Romantica

Approximately 6km from Pienza which is a well known renaissance town, sits the picturesque property that is the Villa Romantica. This is a wonderful, location that can be good as a venue for weddings. This villa that used to be an old farmhouse is the best place for a wedding in Italy.

These owners of the villa are very young and vibrant and are only too happy to help their prospective guests in any way they can.

10. Pienza Villa

This villa is so well situated you can see all around for quite a distance. The beautiful scenery presented by the hills and valleys that surround the villas is simply breathtaking. That is why this villa is the perfect location for any wedding. If you are organizing your wedding and decide to use this villa, you can also take advantage of the wedding planner that is provided by the villa management. While it is a beautiful place to have a wedding, it is more for small weddings that include a little over 50 guests.