Touring or Moving to Greece? 8 Things to Add on Your Checklist

October 10, 2019

8 Crucial Things You Need to Know About Greece

Greece is one of the most visited destinations by tourists from all parts of the world. If you are considering to visit Europe, you can add Greece to your list of the places to go. Greece has a rich culture and history dating back to many centuries. Also, the country boasts of landscapes, islands, and seas that create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Greece for any reason, whether it is work or adventure, you can be positive that your stay will be memorable. Here are things you need to know about Greece.

Indoor Smoking Is Prohibited

The people of Greece are heavy smokers, and it isn’t a surprise to find someone enjoying a cigarette in public. However, the country has recently started implementing a strict policy prohibiting smoking in public places such as hotels and restaurants. Locals are slowly adapting to the practice that is deeply rooted. This law helps in protecting the kids or other non-smokers. Also, if you’re a smoker, you can enjoy your cigar outside without distracting or inconveniencing others.

Coffee Is a Favorite Drink

Coffee drinking in Greece is not just a lifestyle but also a deep-rooted culture. According to history, coffee was first introduced in Greece during the Ottoman empire, and the first coffee shop was opened in 1425. Today, locals flock in coffee joints to share and enjoy a cup of espresso or frappe coffee with their peers and families. Consequent to the love of coffee by the Greeks, Greece is ranked as the 15th top coffee consumers in the world, beating the Americans, French, and the English. Also, whether you are in major towns or local villages, you will find a coffee shop near you. You can order a hot or cold cup of coffee.

Greece as a Natural Museum

Impressive archaeological sites and iconic monuments make Greece one of the countries with most UNESCO heritage sites. To start with, if you are in Athens, you can visit the famous Acropolis to experience ancient architecture. The Temple of Delphi is another historical area to visit as it was the sanctuary of Apollo, the god of music and dance. Today the ruins of Delphi are a tourist attraction, and it is among the UNESCO heritage site. On top of that, it is miles away from the city of Athens, and it is an ideal location where you can explore other places.

Make Sure You Visit Santorini

Santorini is an Island located in the Aegean Sea. It is a popular getaway for couples, celebrities, and families as it provides views like no other place on the planet. Surrounded by marvelous architectural homes and buildings painted in white and blue, it gives a serene background for taking beautiful pictures.

On top of being on an island, Santorini has a volcano which you will enjoy to see as you view the town buildings hanging from the cliffs. Santorini is a food and drinks haven, and you can taste the mouthwatering cuisines, wines, coffee, and beer.

Know the Local Language a Bit

The Greeks are very hospitable people, and they appreciate a visitor who speaks their language. Therefore, it is prudent to learn some simple communication phrases and words such as the greetings in Greek “Yasou”- Hello, “Kalimera”-Good Morning, “Efcharisto”- Thank you. You can get a translator app to help you in English to Greek translation when talking to the locals. A simple effort to speak in their language will not go unnoticed, and you will be likely welcomed with a smile even in the remotest villages.

Get a Taste of the Local Dishes

Greece is one of the biggest producers of olive as well as olive oils which is used for preparing a variety of dishes and salads. Also, by virtual of having one of the most extensive coastlines in Europe, Greece offers a lot of seafood. Some favorite local foods include:

  • Tzatziki
  • Moussaka
  • Souvlaki

For the lovers of drinks, you will find a lot of local varieties, including coffee, wines, beer, among others.

Payment Is Made in Cash at Some Places

Despite a recent financial crisis, the Greek economy is steadily recovering. However, contrary to most European countries where you can use your bank cards to pay for services and goods, in Greece, you will have to carry sufficient amount of cash as most businesses do not accept credit or debit cards. Notable places such as big hotels accept the cashless transactions, but most local shops, hotels, groceries, taverns, and cafes only accept cash.

Always Have Enough Budget to Cater for Your Stay

The cost of living in Greece is relatively low compared to most European countries. Also, the price of common valuables such as foods and drinks are considerable. However, services such as healthcare are universal; thus, not of the best quality. You can, therefore, consider getting private healthcare insurance to cater for your health expenses. Despite some few challenges, you will you always find something to enjoy in this country at affordable and pocket-friendly prices.

Good weather, affordable prices on goods, beautiful landscapes, and rich history are some of the things you will experience in Greece. If you are thinking of visiting this beautiful country, you should adequately research the places and other stuff about Greece as well as its people, culture, and food. Enjoy your adventure!